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italy in december where is tara povey

Visiting Italy in December – Where to go?

Italy, the land of possibly the most incredible food in the world (PIZZA), the Vatican, Da Vinci and a whole lot more. December is a great time to visit Italy. There are fewer crowds so the pace is a little les...
greece which greek island to visit where is tara

Which Greek Island Should You Visit?

Greece is a beautiful country that is rich in history, legends, stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and there are so many islands to explore. It is difficult to choose which islands you should go to, beca...
hippy side of Ibiza alternative things to do in Ibiza where is tara

Exploring the Chilled Out, Hippy Side of Ibiza

  Ibiza has been on my bucketlist for years. Not for the typical wild party scene, I feel like I'm not nearly tanned or long-limbed enough for that. I don't have the stamina for that kind of partying a...