I’ve been writing a lot more about Australia lately. It’s funny because I’ve visited so many times in my life, having been born in New Zealand, but never took the time to write an article about Australia. Which is silly, considering how much of a MASSIVE tourist destination Australia is. I’d say half of the eligible people in Ireland and the UK have availed of the working holiday visa program in Australia. And why not? It’s a massive country with unique wildlife, landscapes and pretty damn good weather most of the time. There’s plenty to see and do in Australia for every and any kind of traveller. I know a lot of you will be in the process of planning your next big trip and Australia might be on your list of possible destinations. If it is, then make sure you check out the infographic below (courtesy of Flight Centre) full of fun and informative travel facts about Australia.

It’s specifically aimed at visitors from the UK so it tells you all about the cheapest airport to fly from, the cheapest time of year to go, etc. One of my favourite facts is that you’re most likely to visit Australia if you’re called David or Susan. I actually loled when I heard this and send my mam a voice note right away. Why? Because my parents are called Susan and David and they left Ireland and the UK and moved down under back in the day! They ended up in New Zealand where they had me and my sister. So you can see why I instantly liked this infographic. I don’t normally share these things, but this one is full of great info and is a bit of fun too. You could print it off and keep it with your holiday to-do list or packing list. Or stick it on the fridge to remind you of your upcoming adventure!

Fun Facts About Australia 


Brits Abroad: Tips For Visiting Australia from the UK
courtesy of Flight Centre

Have you been to Australia?
Are you planning a trip to Australia?
Is your name Susan or David? *lol*
Let me know in the comments.

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