Now, one thing that you must understand about me is that I grew up in a house that was often referred to as a petting zoo.

Furry creatures often outnumbered the humans living in Casa del Pove. My sister is mainly responsible for this, she is somewhat of a Dr.Dolittle. However, my mother also could never say no to any animal once she saw it. We have somewhat of an open door policy when it comes to members of the animal kingdom. We’ve had birds, mice, cats, fish, ferrets, rabbits – basically anything that needed a home.

I shall now introduce you to the current crew residing in Casa del Pove;

The Boys

Handsome darlings.

Handsome darlings.

On the left we have Kero and on the right we have Shai. Kero is basically more of a puppy than a cat. He can’t hunt anything. All he wants to do is suckle on anything micro-fleece and cover unsuspecting mice in saliva. Shai on the other hand will murder anything Kero hasn’t got the heart to. We found Shai under our shed. He was so SHY that we had to use a trap to get him in the end (borrowed from the old cat lady down the road, firm friend of my sister’s obviously). He’s now the biggest bully in the house. He drools heavily when receiving any form of attention and also loves to perch himself on boobs. ┬áBasically he’s a man ­čśë


Introducing Tigger.

Little old lady cat

Tigger’s now nearly 14yrs old. When Shai turned up she abandoned ship and ran away to grandma’s house *sadface*. I imagine her thinking was along the lines of “Fuck this, I stuck it out for years with those crazy brothers tormenting me and now they go and get ANOTHER kitten. Bastards. I’m going to granny’s.” Essentially Tigger has gone to an old folks home. I still class her as a Casa del Pove resident as she really only moved across the road. She’s moody and gorgeous and I generally feel honoured if I get any attention from her. She’s a bit like me really.


ferrets will steal your heart.

ferrets will steal your heart.

This is Kodi the crazy ferret. She’s quite small for a ferret. My mother rescued her from a pet shop a few years ago (she was too young to be sold) and then my sister raised her. If you do not know what a ferret is….. GOOGLE IT, you’re missing out. They are the most amazing creatures. Our first ferret died from growths in her lungs, we’d only had her about a month but it was enough for her to work her ferrety magic. My mother was absolutely devastated. She swore we’d never get another one because she couldn’t bare it if anything happened. However, Kodi came along after a suitable grieving period and has been my mother’s favourite ever since. She hides things everywhere. Behind the fridge is a favourite place for her to stash her goodies. The best part about ferrets is that when they get super excited they do a little crazy dance which I can only describe as looking like a seizure. She chases me around the island in the kitchen and that’s my favourite. Basically if you are ever feeling low, find a ferret and you will start smiling again.┬á

Mighty Hercules

Hercules Hercules Hercules!

Hercules Hercules Hercules!

This little darling used to be a house rabbit owned by a friend of my sister. It’s probably due to this that he is an absolute sweetheart. He spends most of his time outdoors nowadays but when we do bring him indoors he jumps up on the sofa and sits beside whoever’s up there. He also tries incessantly to “woo”, my sister by running in circles around her legs and occasionally mounting her. Unfortunately he has some teeth issues, but he’s ok at the moment! He also looks rather fetching in his pink harness. The cats are all terrified of him.


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