Now, this post is not meant to be serious, so please take it with a pinch of salt. I’m feeling silly today. That being said, let’s get down to it. Usually when people go travelling they don’t really know what they’re looking for (I know I didn’t), they just know that they need to get away and find something. A traveller may, as cliché as it sounds, find themselves. They may find a partner or a best friend. Or they may just find the most photogenic sunset known to man. Because, really, if you don’t get some incredible photos while travelling, were you ever even there? You know what I mean, we all love making our Facebook friends back home feel just a tiny bit envious of our jet-setting, don’t we? No? Just me? Stop lying, I know you do it too! So, where are the best travel locations for a profile photo? Well, here are just a few of the most profile-worthy locations on the globe- just make sure you have great wifi at the hotel to post them!

Santorini, Greece

santorini perfect locations for a profile photo where is tara povey top Irish travel blogger

Santorini – Photo via Pexels

Unfortunately this gorgeous island is so saturated with tourists that you may have to pick your way through the masses to get a clear view over the sea, but the stunning Greek town of Santorini with its beautiful white-washed villas is ideal for a glamorous Mediterranean profiler and well worth the effort. And don’t forget those gorgeous blue domes. Stay at a hotel with a pool built into the cliffside for maximum bragging rights and even more outrageous photos. Your new profile photo will be sure to garner a few likes on the ‘Book! And really, isn’t that what life’s all about.

Reykjavik, Iceland

perfect locations for a profile photo where is tara povey top Irish travel blogger

Iceland – Photo via Pexels.

More of an ice bunny? I feel you, me too. There’s no picture like a snow picture, haha. Sorry, well, not really! Hop aboard a budget flight and head to Iceland for the ultimate wintery picture. Even in the summer Iceland is absolutely perfect for a profile photo. But if you’re thinking how can I see the Aurora Borealis then you may have to be lucky- the famous Northern Lights depend on a lot of specific atmospheric conditions- but just imagine how jaw-dropping that profile picture would be if you found them! They’re definitely on my bucket list. I recommend Seljalandsfoss, the waterfall that you can walk behind, for a incredibly unique photo. 

San Francisco, US

perfect locations for a profile photo where is tara povey top Irish travel blogger

San Fran – Photo via Pexels.

Feeling a colourful, 70s vibe? Snap a pic in the epicentre of hippie-dom, San Francisco! The steep winding streets, pastel coloured wooden houses and traditional looking tram are a hipster profile picture dream. Not to mention the Golden Gate Bridge! Which has got to be one of the most Instagrammed locations in the world (I know it’s all I see on my home feed), so you know it makes for a great photo. Just keep your fingers crossed that an earthquake doesn’t hit during your visit 😉 

Venice, Italy

perfect locations for a profile photo where is tara povey top Irish travel blogger

Venice – Photo via Pexels.

If classy and cultured is the vibe you want to give off, beautiful Venice provides the ideal backdrop. Perhaps a bit more LinkedIn than Facebook. St Mark’s Square, any of the winding canals or the iconic Bridge of Sighs make ideal locations, if you can get a break in the constant steam of tourists. Photo opportunities are literally everywhere in this iconic location with its beautiful architecture. Image a profile photo on a gondola! Though, in the height of summer, you might find it hard to stop your face from scrunching up due to the smell wafting from the canals. But hey, the whole city is going to be underwater soon enough so a profile photo from Venice could end up being pretty rare.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

perfect locations for a profile photo where is tara povey top Irish travel blogger

Koh Phi Phi – Photo via Pixabay.

If you want your profile to tell the world you’re a few spirit, or a backpacker, or on a gap year (and also look killer in a bikini) there aren’t many beaches more photogenic than the white sand coves and dramatic granite formations of Koh Phi Phi. Cue mandala towel and spiritual looking facial expression in 3…2…1…CHEESE! Boom, perfect tropical profile photo. If you’re brave, go for one where you’re walking out of the sea, Bond movie style!

How Do I Get a Great Profile Photo While Travelling Solo?

Now you know where to go, but what if you’re travelling solo? How do you get great photos? Well, you can ask a passerby, but you need to be selective. You don’t want anyone stealing your phone or camera. Choose couples or fellow tourists with expensive cameras, they should know how to take a good photo. If you’re going to isolated places or if you prefer to set up your own shot then I recommend bringing an adjustable tripod, I use the iKross tripod, and a bluetooth remote for your phone or camera. They’re so handy and easy to use!

Where’s your dream destination to get snapped?
Where did you get the perfect profile photo?

where is tara tara povey top irish travel blog

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