Last month I was lucky enough to spend two nights at Lusty Beg Island. I brought my boyfriend with me because I’m a wonderful person and, well, clay pigeon shooting by myself didn’t seem like as much fun! Here’s everything you need to know about Lusty Beg Island.

About Lusty Beg Island

lusty beg island where is tara povey top irish travel blog

Lusty Beg Island is a family friendly spa and adventure centre located on Lough Erne in county Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It’s a 75 acre paradise, home to nature trails, adventure activities, cute little chalets like something out of an American Christmas movie and an AMAZING spa. The staff are all incredibly friendly and welcoming. The island location makes it the perfect place to escape to for a bit of R&R. Don’t believe me? Skip to the Video section and see for yourself!

Getting to Lusty Beg Island

If you’re visiting Ireland I would always recommend hiring a car. The roads are good and it’s a beautiful country.  Lusty Beg Island is located just under 2hrs from Belfast and just under 3hrs from Dublin. We drove up from Dublin, avoiding the motorways so that the drive was a bit more scenic. Once you arrive at Lough Erne there will be a small ferry for you to board in order to reach Lusty Beg Island. It can fit two cars and a handful of people. You can only bring your car onto the island if you’re staying on the island. 

The Chalet

lusty beg island where is tara povey top irish travel blog

Lusty Beg Island has B&B and self-catering accommodation. During our stay we had a one bedroom self-catering apartment. It was all wooden beams and fur throws, simultaneously cosy and luxurious. It looked like the kind of log cabin you see in an American Christmas movie. The shower was big and spacious with a rainfall shower head (my fav). The kitchen had everything we needed and the bed was incredibly comfortable. Our chalet also had a deck out the back with a lovely little seating area. The deck directly over-looked the lake and was the perfect spot for a sunset drink. Prices for a cabin like ours start at around £130 per night between two people. However, they do incredibly good value weekly deals at a reduced rate. It’s best to call and discuss the various offers with the lovely staff at reception. 

The Food

lusty beg island where is tara povey top irish travel blog

There is an outdoor area, a bar and a restaurant area. All three have the same menu. There is also a small coffee bar which serves cakes and coffee. The food was good. However, I did feel that there was a bit of a lack of options. I WAS eating solely on the island though. I would suggest a mix of self catering and the occasional meal at the bar. There’s no theme to the food; pasta, burgers, curries, a bit of everything! The breakfast buffet is great, plenty of fried goodness. I also loved the desserts. The sticky toffee pudding was particularly amazing.  Oh and if it’s the liquids you prefer they have a great signature cocktail called the Lusty Lady!

The Spa

Lusty Beg Island is known for its spa and for good reason! Myself and my boyfriend had the Salt Scrub Bath Ritual. It was one hour of bliss. We each had an all over body salt scrub, then relaxed in a detoxing seaweed bath and had a short invigorating massage to finish. The Lusty Beg Spa uses VOYA products and they smell divine. I’m a bit devastated that I didn’t buy myself a tub of scrub or moisturiser. I have recently developed a bit of a habit of collecting spa products. This salt scrub experience was one of the best spa experiences I’ve had in my life. I cannot recommend it enough. There was a beautiful chill out room with magazines, fresh fruit and teas also that we took advantage of after our treatment.

The Activities

lusty beg island where is tara povey top irish travel blog

Lusty Beg Island also has an adventure activity centre. You can choose from a whole host of activities including clay pigeon shooting, archery and off-roading. We tried the clay pigeon shooting. It was so much fun. I’d never shot a gun before but I was actually fine. I was worried that I’d go flying backwards with the kick back from the rifle, but no, I was absolutely fine. Now, I was by no means a clay pigeon shooting prodigy, but I hit a couple. In fact, I managed to beat my boyfriend (just about)! If you want something a little less strenuous there is a pool and plenty of nature trails for walking. Or, grab a kayak and have a paddle around the island.

What Did I Really Think?

lusty beg island where is tara povey top irish travel blog

I really enjoyed my time there. The views from the chalets are stunning and the island is a unique location. It was the perfect place for a romantic getaway. But what I like most about Lusty Beg is that it has something for everything. It appeals to all ages. I’d bring my whole family with me for a weekend away. Or it would be lovely for a girly weekend with spa treatments (I’m still dreaming off that spa). The one thing I would suggest is to check before you book how many weddings/parties they will be hosting at the time of your stay. There’s only one bar and during weddings/parties everyone has to share. It gets crowded and paying your dinner bill can take a while. But other than that we had a great time at Lusty Beg Island and I would definitely recommend it!

See For Yourself!

Here’s a little video I made from my time at Lusty Beg Island. For the real entertainment skip to 2mins 20 seconds in and you’ll see me making ridiculous faces while opening a bottle of bubbly!

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*A BIG THANKS to Lusty Beg Island who provided us with a complimentary stay. However, all views and opinions are, as always, my own. 

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    I just had the best spa experience in Naples, Florida. I tried their vino facial and instantly after the session I saw my skin in its best state. They said they used products with resveratrol, I think that ingredient did wonders to my skin. They have wonderful customer service. If you’re in Naples, you should totally visit Divine Spa.


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