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It’s getting dark, wet and absolutely FREEZING! We’re all starting to hibernate. The fluffy socks and fleecy pyjamas are out, the eggnog lattes and hot chocolates are filling cups across the country and we’ve all categorically decided not to leave the house after 8pm (I mean, it’s pitch black outside). Not only that but our vitamin D levels are rapidly depleting. How do we fix this?! Well, you know I’m a little bit biased, but I think we all need to book a little winter sun holiday. Now, it’s pretty hard to find the perfect one piece, bikini, caftan, cover up or sun hat in the depths of European Winter. If you’re very lucky you might find something in the sales. But honestly, swimwear for a Winter sun holiday is best found online. I’ve teamed up with Simply Beach to show you some of my top picks for fleeing the winter weather to warm climes!

The Best Swimwear for Your Winter Holiday

The One-Piece

swimwear for a winter holiday where is tara

Lusting after these babies!

I like a onepiece. It’s practical and can be used year round. If I’m going to a spa or public swimming pool I always feel better in a swimsuit. I have this weird thing in my mind that makes me think bikinis are more for resorts of the beach. Anyway, I found this great website for swimsuits, with so much variety and all different price ranges. The majority of them would go great under a wet-suit too if you were going diving or snorkelling on your Winter sun holiday. I’m also a BIG fan of the fact that Simply Beach has a massive range of cup and back sizes to suit ladies of all shapes and sizes. Also, how perfect would the white lacey one (pictured above) be for a honeymoon?! If my boyfriend is reading this, that’s not a hint, I swear. 

The Bikini

swimwear for a winter sun holiday where is tara

LOVING the colours here.

Bikini babes, there are PLENTY of winter sun swimwear options for you. If you can’t find anything in the shops then make sure to shop around online. There are plenty of options for all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be rail thin to sport a bikini. I’m what people would refer to as “curvy” and I love a bikini, it just has to be the RIGHT bikini. I find the sports-style bikini works best for me, and they have to have great support. Bandeau bikinis have literally never even looked at me. They hide themselves when I walk past them in the shop. Either way, any of these bright and bold bikinis would look great in your tropical Facebook photos while your friends are at home wearing 4 layers just to go to the local shop. 


swimwear for a winter sun holiday where is tara

Guys, it’s my birthday soon, just saying! These cover ups are perfect.

There are so many options with beachwear. Kimonos, caftans, dresses, shirts, jumpsuits, playsuits and more. I love a cover up that I could also wear as casual-wear throughout the day if need. That way I end up packing less and have more room for all the things I’ll probably end up buying while I’m away. I’m a MAD fan of a kimono as they go with nearly everything and add an elegant touch to even the most casual of outfits. Again, you’re best off looking online if you’re shopping for your winter sun holiday. All of the above and more can be found here.

Do you have any great recommendations for a site that sells swimwear all year round?
Let me know in the comments!

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