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People are moving away from cookie-cutter, all-inclusive packages (not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of holiday, I’ve been on a few myself). Flash-packing, slow travel and living like a local are trending. People are searching for a more authentic, customised travel experience. We want to get outside our comfort zones and try new things. BUT, we all miss certain creature comforts from home, or find ourselves in unexpected situations where we don’t have everything we need. After all, packing light is a goal we all strive to attain whilst travelling. But packing light can sometimes leave us wanting.

Imagine arriving at your Airbnb or rental, totally pleased with the space, only to find that it’s missing something you need. We’ve all been there. I am always deathly disappointed when I arrive in a lovely hotel room, everything is perfect, except there’s no fridge. I NEED to keep my beverages refrigerated. And while I realise that this is a complete first world problem, it still matters to me.

You reach out for the coffee machine in the morning for your daily dose of energy
boostin’ — but there isn’t one there. I mean, you’re hardly going to travel with a french press, well, I might to be honest. You’re desperate for a comfortable, high quality
travel cot for your little niece — except, your rental doesn’t offer one. You need a
comfortable air bed for that one friend who can’t be bothered to take the night tube/bus or is too cheap to get a taxi back to their place — but you’ve simply not got the space to host them overnight. And, come Christmas season, if you’re away, you’re likely to find yourself desperately searching for random bits and pieces of ‘things’ you’d really much rather not buy, but can’t do without.

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When you’re spending all this money on your holiday, why would you settle for anything
less than ultimate comfort?! These problems are all too familiar to most of us. And while we often just ignore them and go out to buy our coffee, or buy a cheap air mattress or whatever it it, Rentuu offers an alternative. Rentuu.com, an online marketplace for hiring virtually any product online, at super low prices, caters exactly to these needs. With a focus on working only with premium companies, Rentuu aims to make the process of customising the travel experience swift and seamless.

Born out of the frustration that was finding genuinely high-quality products for hire when travelling and living abroad, the team behind Rentuu were determined to launch a
website that would help take the burden off the globetrotter’s life. Why would you waste
your money on buying brand new glassware for dinner only to use it for a couple of
weeks, when you can simply hire it for a fraction of the price? I mean paper plates are fine, but not for more than a couple of days, and they’re kind of wasteful. Not only is this hire-anything- with-a- simple-click concept good for your wallet, it is also kind on the planet. By reducing your consumption, you are by default reducing your waste – a huge contributor to climate change. And since most of us frequent flyers already have a HUGE carbon footprint to offest, Rentuu will help us keep a clear conscience. 

So, when you head off to London to check out the Harry Potter Studios in all its festive glory, and find yourself looking to hire baby equipment, hire weights, rent a Christmas tree (yes, really!) or maybe, if you’re entertaining, you might want to rent a keyboard for a smashing party, you’ll have Rentuu to take care of all your short term rental needs. Because you don’t need to buy stuff to use stuff, which means you can use the money you saved for even more adventures!

Have you tried Rentuu before?
Have you rented items whilst travelling?
Let me know in the comments!

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