STOP THE PRESSES! I’ve partnered up with KLM, one of my favourite airlines in the world, to tell you all about their incredible new Destination Match feature AND give you the chance to win flights to one of KLM’s many incredible destinations (from UK/Ireland only). The Destination Match feature will only be running until the 21st of December, so be sure to make use of it ASAP. This incredibly fun tool will match and your travel companion with the perfect destination to suit both your interests. The results are  often surprising and absolutely ALWAYS inspirational. And I suppose you want to know how to win the flights too?? Well, you’d better get reading the next paragraph then!

Find Your KLM Destination Match
And Be in With a Chance to Win

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Chose your companion wisely!

For your chance to win return flights for you and your favourite travel buddy to a wonderful KLM destination all you have to do is visit the KLM Destination Match site. Once you’re on the site you’ll be asked what type of travel companion you’d want to fly with (other half, friend family etc). Then you have to sign in either via Facebook or email (I chose email). Then it’s on to the fun part – 7 “questions”. They’re not really questions, it’s multiple choice in photo form. So they show you photos of places, food and activities and you say “X” or “Heart” (yes or no). After you’re finished with your choices you get the chance to send an invitation to your travel partner to take the quiz. Then it’s time for the fun part, you’re given your destination match and the percentage to which it suited your choices. You’re also given a few more options with varying percentages. Funnily enough all of my matches were in Africa. Then the final step is to “Subscribe and win” to be in with a chance of winning the flights! To enter click on the banner below. GOOD LUCK!

My Destination Match – Accra, Ghana

klm destination match where is tara povey top irish travel blogger ss

I guess it’s off to Ghana with me!

KLM destination match where is tara death valley with Ali

My boyfriend is the perfect travel buddy!

So it seems I need to do some more exploring in Africa. Rwanda just wasn’t enough for me, KLM wants me to head to Accra, Lagos, Nairobi or Johannesburg. Which is cool with me, they have great coffee and chocolate in a lot of those spots (priorities) and they’re not your typical tourist destinations. I chose my boyfriend as my travel companion because, as most of you know, our relationship is all about travel since it’s long distance. We travel together all the time! I think we’ve been to about 15 countries together at this stage. I guess it makes sense that I got so many African destinations since my boyfriend actually works over in Rwanda most of the time. Or maybe Accra is just the perfect destination for me?! Either way, it’s certainly given me some great travel inspiration. I’ll spend the next few days Googling “Things to do in Accra” and “Street art in Johannesburg”.  But the best part about the Destination Match tool is that it finds the perfect destination for you and your travel buddy based on your mutual likes and individual dislikes. So after my boyfriend tried the tool (took him a while to get decent internet) our perfect destination as a couple turned out to actually be Cape Town, which wasn’t even on my results list, but it’s definitely in the same ball park. I’m actually delighted as I’ve never been and It’s been on my bucket-list for AGES. Wine, hiking, street art and so much more! I’m off to go browse some flights.


FIND YOUR KLM Destination Match where is tara

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