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most romantic places in Europe


Now, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t suddenly gone all soppy. I love travelling solo. I’ve travelled solo in Peru, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and a bunch of other places. I like being able to go wherever I want, whenever I want, without worrying about anybody else. I especially love how many people I meet when I’m solo travelling. However, I’m still a girl/woman/ lady (questionable) and I sometimes arrive at places and think “damn, this is romantic”. And THOSE kinds of places are the places that I wish I’d had a date (no that’s not anti- feminist). These, in my opinion, are some of the most romantic places in Europe. I’ve been to them all this year and each place has made me feel like it would be worth revisiting on a not so solo trip.


Dona Ana – Lagos, Portugal

learning to surf lagos portugal

I only found this STUNNING (not literally) view point on my last day in Lagos, Portugal after spending a week surfing my heart out. I remember standing there with one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met travelling (Desiree that’s you gurrrlllll) and we both turned to each other and were like, “We need to come back here with dates”.

BUT on that occasion we bought ourselves a couple of bottles of Somersby Cider and had our own little date, chilling on the beach and solving the mysteries of life. It was perfect in it’s own way, but I still think a sunset date at that view point with a bottle of wine would be perfect. Just look at the photo. There’s a reason why it’s top of my list of the most romantic places in Europe , that I’ve been to anyway!

In fact, a date at Dona Ana is on the bucket list now.

Solar Circle/Sea Organ – Zadar, Croatia

most romantic places in Europe Zadar Croatia

I went to Croatia by myself with no plan whatsoever other than to see the Plitvice Lakes. Why not? However, I quickly realised that the town of Zadar, where I was staying, was a bit of a hidden gem. After a quick Google (Sorry Yahoo/Bing, it’s just an expression) session I wandered around the sea front of the old town in search of the Sea Organ and the famous “Greeting to the Sun”, solar panel.

When I found it the place was SWAMPED with young couples with wine glasses. Well, apart from a tour group of nuns. They didn’t have wine. Naturally I sat down beside them (might be my Catholic roots). So there I sat, with the nuns, and watched the sun go down. The lights of the solar panels and the tune of the sea organ changed to the rhythm of the waves. It was beautiful. Except I looked like an absolute loner and I was fucking freezing. Having a date to give me his jacket would have been helpful (yes, I am old-fashioned at times).

Place on the list of the most romantic places in Europe = well and truly earned. But seriously, this place is magical. GO.

Tignes – France

hotel montana, hotel montana tignes, tomtom bandit, tomtombandit, learning to snowboard,

Ok, so France is generally romantic, but surprisingly it wasn’t my trip to Paris that made me wish I had a date. It was my Snowboarding trip to Tignes with a bunch of other wonderful journalists. I reckon Paris always makes the list for most romantic places in Europe anyways, so I’ll be original. I did had an amazing time on the TomTom trip to Tignes with my group and I had the BEST view from my balcony.

However, I reckon a ski/snowboard trip could probably be quite cosy with a date, as long as neither of you end up injured! All that Après-ski, faux fur and mulled wine is surely the ideal setting? I’m using a question mark because I’ve only been on the one ski/snowboard trip so I’m really not sure! haha. But something makes me think it would make a good romantic get away.

Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge – Northern Ireland

carrick-a-rede rope bridge giant's causeway daytrip

Gotta get Ireland in there on the list of the most romantic places in Europe somehow. There are a million perfect places in Ireland for a date BUT Carrick A Rede Rope bridge  in Northern Ireland would have been so much fun. First of all, the views are spectacular. Second, going over the rope bridge is mildly nerve wrecking and I reckon it would be much more fun with some one to shake the bridge/ reassure you, depending on who your ideal date is.

Personally, I’d definitely be shaking the bridge. hah. PLUS, I had to ask the old man behind me, who was actually a complete delight, to take a picture of me on the bridge. Obviously if I’d had a date, he could have just taken the photo. Ah, the joys of dating a travel blogger.

So yeah, if you’re in Ireland make sure you check out Carrick a Rede rope bridge for an adventurous date.

Tivoli Gardens AT NIGHT – Copenhagen, Denmark

most romantic places in Europe Tivoli Copenhagen

Now, I’d been to Tivoli a couple of times during the day and not thought too much of it. However, at night it is SPECTACULAR!!! It’s even worth the fairly high entrance fee.

Luckily, the last time I visited Tivoli I actually did have a date (how novel). Yep, me and my boyfriend were in the same country at the same time and went to the Tivoli Halloween festival one night in October. It was incredible. There was glogg, and everything was lit up and there were pumpkins EVERYWHERE. Magical is pretty much the only way to sum it up. It helped that I’m obsessed with Halloween.

I’m pretty glad I actually got to have a date in this place. Though we did spend a lot of it in search of vegetarian friendly food (sorry).

So, if you’re in Copenhagen (check out my guide here) in the next couple of months make sure you get to Tivoli, AT NIGHT, for their Christmas festival. Oh the romance! I’m jealous already just thinking about it.


So there you have it, the most romantic places in Europe (that I’ve actually been to), according to moi. Sometimes visiting a place can be an entirely different experience depending on how you’re travelling and who you’re travelling with. I love travelling solo, but I do find myself noticing places like this a lot.

So what did you think? I’m sure you’ll all have your own suggestions!

Anywhere in Europe you’d love to have a date?? LET ME KNOW!

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    Lagos looks so beautiful! I sadly haven’t made it to any of these places, but would just love to!


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