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Valentine’s day is a funny time of year. When you’re single you ignore. When you’re in a new couple you’re like “Are we celebrating this?”. Sometimes even in a long term couple you decide to just forget the whole thing. Honestly, I usually look forward to the discount chocolate on February 15th more than anything. I mean, who needs a giant teddy bear with love-hearts for eyes anyways?! No, thanks! I think I’d rather go on holiday. SO, how about going on a romantic vacation for Valentine’s Day instead of buying chocolate and desperately trying to get a table at your favourite restaurant?! Sound like a plan to me. Here’s some of the most romantic holiday locations around the globe.

Romantic Vacation Spots for Valentine’s Day

romantic holiday destinations for Valentines Day where is tara

Scotland – photo via Pixabay.

1 – Explore Iceland’s Glaciers

Iceland is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape. It’s a great Valentine’s Day holiday spot for the adventurous ones. You can relax and pamper yourselves in the various hot springs dotted around the volcanic island (The Blue Lagoon being the most famous). Or you can get active and go ice climbing, diving between continents in Silfra, or walk on glaciers. I had the time of my life on a horse trek there a few years ago. If you are a foodie couple then have no fear, there are plenty of weird and wonderful culinary delights to try in Iceland too. And if you’re lucky you might just spot the Northern Lights. MAJOR romance points!


2 – Island Paradise in Barbados

Barbados is a stunning tropical paradise in the West Indies that is filled with romantic places for couples to spend Valentine’s Day. Explore the Barbados Boardwalk that runs along south coast and stop at some of the beaches, restaurants, pubs, and bars along the way. Go for a tour of a rum distillery and try a sample, or two, or three 😉 If you are an active couple then you could look into getting a bespoke holiday to Barbados created for you, so that you can follow an itinerary of pre-booked activities, this way you won’t miss out and you certainly won’t get bored. If you’d prefer a more relaxed getaway, Barbados has some great golf courses with scenic views and resorts to stay in or you could go for a romantic cruise at sunset to watch the sun go down and enjoy dinner at sea.


romantic holiday destinations for Valentines Day where is tara

Vineyards – Photo via Pixabay


3 – Harry Potter Tour

Travel to London, England and enter the world of Harry Potter this Valentine’s Day. You can take the Warner Bros tour and see the film sets, props, costumes, and learn more about the technology behind the special effects. You can sit on a broom stick and soar over Hogwarts, you can wander through Diagon Alley and you can even drive the flying car! Just make sure you book your tour in advance as slots sell out quite quickly. I HIGHLY recommend the Butterbeer ice cream in place of actual Butterbeer, but it’s very sweet so it might not be for everyone. If you’re a complete Harry Potter fanatic then this will make the best Valentine’s Day trip!


4 – Rent a Castle in Scotland

Scotland is like something out of a medieval fairytale. If you’re a fan of the show “Outlander” then you’ll already know how stunning the Scottish countryside is. From the highland to the islands and everything in between. Even the cities have castles in them. There is literally an entire page on Airbnb dedicated to castles in Scotland that you can rent for what would obviously be the most romantic vacation ever! And I’m not talking just a room in a castle (though you can do that too), I mean you can rent an ENTIRE CASTLE. God, I hope my boyfriend is reading this, haha.


5 – Wine-Tasting in Slovenia

Wine-tasting is a pretty romantic activity for Valentine’s Day. But why not go one step further and go wine-tasting in SLOVENIA. Trust me, the wine in Slovenia is absolutely out of the world. I know, I’d never heard about it before I visited Slovenia either, but it’s divine. There are so many great wine regions in Slovenia. Personally, I visited Vipava Valley but there is also Goriška Brda and the Karst region. For more information about Slovenia make sure you read my giant list of things to do in Slovenia


Ok, so OBVIOUSLY the world is huge and there are so many other places that could have featured on this list, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that these 5 are some of the most fun and romantic places to visit for Valentine’s Day. Where is the most romantic place you’ve ever been? Let me know in the comments. 

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